Student Parking

Limited parking is available for Salem High students on a first come – first serve basis.  

The cost is either $180 per semester (the fall – running from the start of the school year to usually around the third week of January; and the spring – from mid-January till classes end in June); OR you can choose to pay $40 each month and only $20 for June.  The first payment whether it be for the whole semester or by the month will be due at the time of initial registration in order to reserve a parking space. 

Since there is no secretarial staff at the church, it is best to register by emailing the following information:

            Student name and address

            What year of school you are in

            Telephone number, cell phone number, E-Mail address

            Make, color, and license plate number of car  

            Whether you are paying by the semester or the month

You will be emailed to confirm that a parking space is available (or not).  But the space will not be reserved until payment is received. Please have the payment in within one week of your call or email.

Checks can be made out to St. David’s Episcopal Church and either mailed in or dropped into the white lockable mailbox by the door on the rectory porch.  (If you face the front of the church, the house is on the left with a full length farmer’s porch.  Go up the three steps, and as you face the door, you’ll see the flip-lid mailbox attached on the right with the word PARK on the side.  Make sure you put your name on the envelope.)  Again, I suggest you do not plan on paying by stopping by the church since there may not be anyone there when you come.

Other information

  –  Student parking will be behind the church.  There are no assigned spots.

  –  Cars are checked by plate number.  If you are using another car for some reason, put a note on the dash with your name so we know whose car it is.

  –  If a monthly payment is not received by the first of the month (or the first school day of the month) your car may be towed and the parking space may be given to another student on the waiting list.

  –  There may be an occasion, such as a major funeral, when parking will not be available on that day or only for a part of it.  You will have 24 hour notice ahead of time.

  –  The church is not liable for damage or theft.

  –  Cars which have not been registered or paid for may be towed at your expense.

  –  If there is a question, a payment problem or delay, or other issue, call the church at 603-893-0342 and leave a message or email