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Click on a date to hear an audio recording of the day’s sermon, or right-click on the date and save the mp3 file (using the “save link as …” option) to listen using an mp3 player.  You can also just play the sermon using the built-in player on this page.

The newest sermons are listed first, scroll to the bottom of the list to find older sermons.



Sunday, July 9th: “The Yoke of God’s Love”



Sunday, June 19th: “Responding to Orlando – The Story of Legion”


Sunday, May 15th: “Pentecost – Living Neighbors”


Sunday, April 10th: “Conversion”


Sunday, February 28th: “Luke 13: 1-9”



Sunday, December 6th: “Advent 2”


Sunday, November 29th: “Advent 1”


Sunday, July 5th: “Grace in the midst of weakness”


Sunday, June 7th: “They thought he was crazy”


Sunday, Apr 26th: “Good Shepard Sunday”


Sunday, Apr 12th: “Having Doubts?”


Sunday, Jan 22nd: “Lent 1 – Cultivating Resilience”


Sunday, Jan 11th: “Baptism can be dangerous!”



Sunday, Dec 24th: “Christmas Eve Sermon”


Sunday, Dec 21st: “The Annunciation”


Sunday, Oct 23rd: “An orange slice Eucharist” (a special thank you to Cindy Fribourgh for sharing her story of “An Orange-Slice Eucharist”)


Sunday, Oct 19th: “A person’s a person, no matter how small”


Sunday, Oct 12th: “The wedding banquet – Matt. 22: 1-14”


Sunday, Sept 21st: “Is God Fair?”


Sunday, Sept 7th: “Dealing with confict”


Sunday, July 20th: “God Moments”


Sunday, June 15th: “The Good News of Jesus”


Sunday, May 25th: “The members of our “parish” – a rogation day homily”


Sunday, May 18th: “The way, the truth, and the Life”


Sunday, March 23rd: “The woman at the well”


Sunday, March 16th: “Nichodemus”


Sunday, March 2nd: “The Transfiguration”


Sunday, February 16th : “Choose Life”