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Outreach Ministries of St. David’s

St. David’s engages in a number of outreach activities and supports services, with the focus being on meeting the needs of children.

Dave Hall Fund

The Dave Hall Fund is a dedicated fund maintained by members of the parish to meet some of the special needs of foster children in the greater Salem area. The fund has enabled prospective foster families to take in a child such as state required smoke detector wiring. The fund helps foster families with limited income to purchase needed items such as car seats, high chairs, beds and clothing. The fund also has provided opportunities or services that reduce the trauma of relocation or enhance the life experience of the child – summer camp, gymnastic or dance or music classes, and fees enabling a child to go with classmates on a school trip. In 2012, the congregation also provided a special “foster family day” with food, entertainment, and activities.

Family Promise of Greater Rockingham County

For more information about this national grass roots program and our local family promise, check out


Boys and Girls Club of Salem

The local chapter of the Boys and Girls Club provides recreational and educational opportunities for area children. In order to support kids in need, St. David’s collects school supplies to be distributed by the club to kids that need then or be used in their after school homework program. The parish also helps provide scholarship money to enable kids to attend camp in the summer.  For more information, visit


CHIPs Program

For over thirty years, the Episcopal Diocese of New Hampshire collects Christmas presents for children whose parents are incarcerated. For some children, it is the only gift they receive. The parents choose the gift they want to give their child, wrap it, and give it to them at a special party – helping to nurture the bond between parent and child during this time of separation. St. David’s traditionally collects a huge pile of gifts each October for this purpose.


International support

Every year, St. David’s looks beyond its local community to support children who are living in extreme poverty across the world. Various charitable organizations have been supported. Through these organizations St. David’s has provided items such as mosquito nets and “school bags” for children in refugee camps, and funds to build schools, and support for Native American children in need. The church has also helped install a well in a small Mexican village and an irrigation system. This year St. David’s will be supporting MASICORP, which provides educational and community services for children in South Africa.


Area Food Pantry

Since there are four food pantries in Salem, St. David’s does not manage one but provides several baskets of food every week to The Bread of Life Food Pantry at Triumphant Cross Lutheran Church.


Other Outreach Efforts:

  • Lazarus Ministries in Lawrence which provides meals, food, shelter, and runs a thrift store;
  • GoKids: an organization that does research and provides services to help children, especially underserved populations attain better health;
  • AIDS Action which provides education, advocacy, and support services to person living with HIV;
  • A Safe Place which supports and provides shelter from those suffering from domestic abuse; and
  • The United Thank Offering, an Episcopal organization that funds grants to parishes engaging in outreach ministries especially supporting women and children.


St. David’s also has a long history of being very supportive of AA. Over seven different groups meet using our facilities each week.  We also have provided space for a special program designed to help high school youth recover from addiction.