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Newsletter for September/October 2016

Published September 2, 2016

From the Rector     Fall is about here and things are hopping at St. David’s!  The church is in use every day with AA meetings, and driving school, exercise, and piano classes.  We’re keeping track of 32 students parking in our lot, the craft fair will be coming in a few weeks, we’ll be beginning both Sunday School and adult education classes, and we’ll once again be hosting homeless families the last week of September. With the support of the vestry, I’ll also be going back to school!  I will be taking a 1-2x a month class at Hartford Seminary entitled […]

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Newsletter for July/August 2016

Published July 1, 2016

From the Rector     A couple of weeks ago, Bishop Rob sent a letter to all the delegates for our diocesan convention in November.  Since our logo is a vine, the theme this year is about how we flourish on the Vine that is Jesus Christ. Rob talked about flourishing: bringing God’s love and healing into a broken and pain-filled world; and how that work is being done everywhere – in our churches, homes, places of work, communities. He said that he sees three qualities in congregations and individuals who are flourishing: 1) They are open to sacrifice.  They loosen their grip […]

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Newsletter for May/June 2016

Published April 30, 2016

From the Rector A blessed Easter everyone! (Yes, in the church we celebrate Easter for 50 days!) Pentecost will be coming in a few weeks with its focus on us being empowered to carry on the good work of Jesus in the world.  As our Presiding Bishop loves to say: “We are the Episcopal branch of the Jesus movement”.  And we at St. David’s are on the move! I shared this with many of you in a sermon, but the vestry had a great retreat with Canon Hannah Anderson on April 9.  She presented to us a model by Eric […]

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Newsletter for January/February 2016

Published January 2, 2016

From the Rector Merry Christmas and Happy New Year’s everyone! This coming week we will be making the transition in the Church liturgical year from the season of Christmas to that of Epiphany. Epiphany means “to manifest” or “to reveal”. The assigned gospel reading begins with the revealing of Jesus to the Magi, then to the revelation of him as God’s Son at his baptism, and concludes with Jesus’ transfiguration. God is being revealed! Bishop Hirschfeld is coming this Sunday January 10 and we will be having three baptisms: Lyla AitLahsen, Christian Newman, and Scott Sheehan! What a celebration to […]

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Newsletter for November/December 2015

Published November 5, 2015

From the Rector For those of you receiving this via email before Sunday – on November 8, The Rev. Canon Hannah Anderson will be preaching and getting to know us at St. David’s. The “Canon to the Ordinary” is an assistant to the bishop. Hannah served in four other dioceses before coming to New Hampshire at the request of Bishop Hirschfeld in January of 2013. She has a doctorate degree in Congregational Ministries, is an artist, a “Life Coach”, was a Canon for Congregational Development, and here in New Hampshire, has led vestry retreats, a Servant Leader training, oversees those […]

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Vestry Meeting Minutes – August 2015

Published October 17, 2015

Vestry Minutes – August 17, 2015   Present: Carolyn Stevenson, Lynn Clarke, David Niemeyer, Barbara Sager, Kathy Hall, Carlene MacDougall, Marlene Pelkey Absent: Alex Frazier, Doug Moore, Lisa Littlefield   Reflection: Carolyn asked the Vestry to reflect on what every day things in particular could pose as prayers. Prayers were offered to those in need.   Financial Report: The June and July Financial Report was presented by Lynn. Loose income is over budget $1,101 Year to Date (YTD). Pledges are under budget $605 YTD. The Diocese loan for the parking lot now shows up on the Balance Sheet as a […]

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Newsletter for September/October 2015

Published September 6, 2015

From the Rector Fall is about here and things are hopping at St. David’s! We’ve hosted homeless families, are keeping track of 30 students parking in our lot, the craft fair will be coming in a few weeks and we’ll be beginning both Sunday School and adult education classes. One person who volunteered to host Family Promise this week saw the lower hall packed with kids for the driving school, an overflowing AA meeting in the upper hall, the piano teacher tutoring in the sanctuary, and the FP families rooming in the Sunday School room and eating in the small […]

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Newsletter for July/August 2015

Published June 25, 2015

From the Rector We at St. David’s have always tried to discern openly and prayerfully where God may be leading us. The church is at its best when it is forward looking and moving, for God is not only with us, but also ahead of us! The same is true with the Episcopal Church. From June 25 – July 3, the bishops and lay and clergy delegates from not only the dioceses in the United States but Taiwan, Micronesia, Haiti and the Dominican Republic, Columbia, Ecuador, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, and Navajo land, will be meeting for the once every three […]

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Vestry Meeting Minutes – May 2015

Published May 19, 2015

St. David’s Episcopal Church Vestry Meeting Minutes May 18, 2015 Present: The Rev. Carolyn Stevenson, Lynn Clarke, Doug Moore, Alex Frazier, David Niemeyer, Carlene MacDougall, Barbara Sager, Lisa Littlefield, and Marlene Pelkey Absent: Barbara Scanlon, Kathy Hall The April Vestry Meeting Minutes were accepted as written. The April Financial Report was accepted as written. Income: Driving school income will begin at the end of June. The Driving School has agreed to pay $100/month to park cars when no classes are being held. The interest income from the Diocesan account has been corrected. Loose income is over budget YTD. 16 crafters […]

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Newsletter for May/June 2015

Published May 1, 2015

From the Rector On May 24, the Church moves from the celebration of the Easter season to Pentecost, when the Holy Spirit filled the disciples and empowered them to carry the good news about Jesus to the world. At our vestry retreat one Saturday in March, we reviewed statistics about the steadily increasing number of people in the United States who frankly have no interest in attending any church. (Often nicknamed “the nones” – as not being affiliated with any religion). So we brainstormed as to what might it look like to bring “church” to people in the community. We […]

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