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Newsletter for September/October 2016

From the Rector    

Fall is about here and things are hopping at St. David’s!  The church is in use every day with AA meetings, and driving school, exercise, and piano classes.  We’re keeping track of 32 students parking in our lot, the craft fair will be coming in a few weeks, we’ll be beginning both Sunday School and adult education classes, and we’ll once again be hosting homeless families the last week of September.

With the support of the vestry, I’ll also be going back to school!  I will be taking a 1-2x a month class at Hartford Seminary entitled “Fishing in a Shallow Sea”.  It is a course about understanding the challenges that face the declining attendance and generational shifts that are affecting main line churches, and exploring strategies and solutions for congregations such as ours that are “determined to thrive in what is an increasingly shallow sea of consumer faith.”  Hopefully I’ll finish this course with a fresh perspective and ideas to share with you all.

This October we will also be beginning our annual stewardship campaign.  The theme will be “The Butterfly Effect”.  You will be hearing more about this as time goes on, but for now let’s simply say that the smallest things we do as a church can have a powerful effect on the lives of people.  We’ll have a chance to hear some stories of how St. David’s has had a positive impact on the people in our community in fundamental ways.

It has been a great summer, with the single service enabling many of the 8 and 10 o’clock people to worship together and reconnect. But as we shift back to two services, I look forward to seeing you all again!

Blessings and peace,


Family Promise   
Currently Family Promise has three families.  One couple with two children transitioned out during the summer.  So we have a mom we have mom and her 14 year old son, a couple with a boy and a girl (10 and 8), and a mother and grandmother with two girls, 13 and 12.  Craig and Dawn have been working down the waiting list. They thought there would be another family last week, but it didn’t pan out.
Our next host week is September 25 – October 2.  Since this will be coming up fast with the craft fair in-between, Barbara Sager will be looking for volunteers to sign up in the coming week.  Please respond with days and work preferences as soon as she puts word out so we don’t have a last minute scramble.  Thanks!  Also think about inviting a friend to help.  Many people enjoy volunteering for a good cause that doesn’t lock one into a commitment.  If you are a member or leader of a community group, think about offering to provide a meal.  Carolyn can provide a quick and easy orientation for new volunteers.

Dave Hall Fund
The Dave Hall fund, dedicated to help area foster children and those without homes participating in Family Promise, is up and running again at full speed.  There had been a significant lull due to staff turnover at DCYF and at Family Promise.  But we reached out to establish relationships with new staff and the requests have been coming in.  Over the summer, this fund of the parish has helped 6 children and an additional one is currently in process.  We helped a mom with a four-year-old daughter with diapers and a gift certificate, a young man maxing out of foster care in need of basic household supplies for an apartment; a car seat for a toddler; a camera for a 17-year-old in Family Promise that was required for her to take a college course that is one of her program requirements; and the one in process is a gift certificate for a diabetic child in need of sturdy shoes.

Hike for Hope
During the month of September, our outreach efforts are dedicated to support Lazarus House Ministries.  Lazarus House provides food from their pantry for 900 families per week and 300 meals per day. Lazarus also provides emergency shelter, transitional housing, and a thrift shop, serving the many poor and homeless in Lawrence.  The Hike for Hope will be held on Sunday October 2.  Micki LaBlanc and Denise Labrecque will be walking.  Checks can be made out to St. David’s with “Hike for Hope” on the memo line.

In October, St. David’s will be participating in the diocesan collection of Christmas toys and books to give to the children of incarcerated parents.  These children are the innocent victims of crime.  This program eases the pain of both the child and parent, and provides an opportunity to maintain their bond and share a time of joy together.  The goal of the Prison Concerns Committee is 1200 gifts and an equal number of books.  There will be a Christmas tree in the back of our sanctuary with ornaments with suggested items.  Take as many ornaments as you want, purchase the gifts and/or books, and put them unwrapped and unopened under the tree. The prison committee has asked that you do not purchase any clothes.  The gifts will be brought to Diocesan Convention on November 5 – so your gifts must be at the church no later than Sunday October 30.  Click here to read the Diocesan blog on Chips.

Cards for Prisoners
Keep bringing in greeting cards of any sort and put them in the basket near the front entrance. The diocesan Prison Ministry will be collecting the cards at convention the first Saturday in November.


Sunday School
Sunday School will begin again on September 11.  Anita Hill, Marianne Mitchell, and Joanne Ray will continue to be the primary teachers for each Sunday, but for the safety of our children we need to have another adult always present.  So sign up and take a few Sundays to help out and experience our Sunday School program.  You may learn something too!

Adult Education
Cyndi has donated a new video education series put out by Living the Questions.  It is called Violence Divine.  It is an eight-week session that helps us make sense of reconciling some of the biblical depictions of a violent and judging God with the message of Jesus.  The speaker is the professor and author John Dominic Crossan.  Should be interesting!  A sign-up sheet will be put out later in the month with the start date and time.


Summer worship – for the first time this year St. David’s offered one combined service over the course of the summer. Overall it was well received with many enjoying having a fuller congregation for worship during months when attendance can drop way down due to people vacationing.  A few people liked it so much that they asked about having one service year-round.  Some others were not able to attend because of the change in time, and one cheered when I announced we were going back to the regular schedule!  Feel free to share your thoughts with the rector and/or vestry members.  Thank you for your flexibility and openness to trying something new!

September 18 – There will only be an 8am service because of the craft fair.

October 2: Blessing of Animals – Each year we celebrate St. Francis Day (Oct. 4th) by inviting everyone to bring their pets to church for a blessing.  Animals and their owners are welcome at both services.  At 8 AM pets will be blessed during the course of the service.  At 10 AM, pets and their owners are welcome to attend, but the blessing will be outdoors after the service around 11:15 to enable those who have pets who might be a bit too rowdy to attend the service or who are too big to come inside (horses, sheep, cows, moose, etc.)  Invite all who have pets to come to a service or just for the blessing


2016 Crafter’s Fair – Coming soon Sept. 17 & 18!
Only a few weeks till the big fair!  We currently we around 33 paid crafters and hope to hit our max of 40 by set up time Friday September 17.  A jump house has been rented and already the locals are talking about coming to buy a container of cookies from our cookie walk or picking up lunch at the G&G café.  The raffle has some big prizes – a handcrafted quilt, a mountain bike, and $500.00 cash prize in addition to many gift cards, baskets, and other prizes.

Things to do:

1) Sign up to help!  There is something for everyone and everyone is needed!  Sign-up sheets will soon be posted on the bulletin board in the upper hall. It has worked out great to have able-bodied people helping set up our stuff Friday at 5 PM and early crafter arrivers; and for the primary crafters set up early Saturday morning; and for take down and clean up Sunday afternoon. Then people are needed throughout the course of the fair to help out with the cafe, monitor the jump house, offer the crafters relief, and overnight security watch.

2) Put out signs on your lawn and ask friends in high visibility locations if they would put out one for us.  Signs can be posted on town public property this year two weeks before the event. (Signs are in the upper hall).  Also post they flyers you received around town.

3) Bake cookies! The last several years we made over $1000 in cookies alone!

4) Sell raffle tickets.  There are plenty more!  If you wish to donate an item for the raffle or have obtained one from a local business, please contact Vera Kirk at 329-5739.  If you have theme baskets or prizes, please get them to Judy Habeeb ASAP so she can develop a full list and “spruce up” and baskets that need decorating.

5) Pray for good weather!

We can be proud that every year virtually every single member of St. David’s helps in some way to make the Autumn Craft Fair a fun event for each other and the community, and one that provides critical financial support in continuing the life and ministry of the parish.  We are so lucky to have such a faithful and great bunch of workers!  We cannot do it without your help. Thank you!



For a number of years now, Scrip has been an easy way to help raise funds for outreach and to support capitol expenditures.  With Scrip you can purchase gift cards from almost any chain store or restaurant you can think of, and a proportion of your purchase will go automatically to St. David’s.  Order forms are in the foyer and will be collected by George Younker the first Sunday of the month.  You can give him your order or drop it off in the wooden deposit box in the copy machine room. Gift cards can be used for gifts, but the program really pays off when people use them for their regular everyday purchases.


Parish Finances
Both pledges and loose income has been pretty close to being on budget for this point in the year.  Likewise we are on budget for building use, although that is due in part to the driving school offering non-stop classes (as compared to last year when the first class wasn’t until the end of June.)  We want to thank Elaine Clark for doing a great job leading Morning Prayer while Carolyn was on vacation, and for two donors who paid for supply clergy for the first Sunday she was gone.

Property Updates
– Bob Habeeb and Phil Smith rewaxed and polished the upper hall floor.
– The Habeebs provided new tables for the upper hall.
– Several members are looking into the cost and quality of new folding chairs so the current ones don’t have to be hauled from one hall to another to have enough seating for AA groups.
– The fire alarm was inspected by the alarm company.
– Kathy Hall is looking into a couple of possible colors to repaint the garage doors.
– Thanks to Cyndi for getting up every other day all summer at 5:30 am to water the church flower garden (and for those who took care of this while we were on vacation).
– Terminix sprayed the Sunday School room for pavement ants that had been coming in looking for moisture.
– Cyndi Morse donated a flat screen TV for the small coffee room.
– The vestry and the property committee have been having discussions about the annual Barn Sale.
– Bob Habeeb will power wash the side of the church with the deck before the craft fair.
– We are planning to do some deck repair and staining.


Diocesan Convention
Diocesan Convention will be held Saturday November 5th at the Grappone Center. Delegates need to register no later than Oct. 10.  Theme for this year is “An Invitation to Flourish”.

Keep up to date with news from the diocese!  Log onto the website  “The Bulletin” lists events and if you subscribe, it will be emailed to you (free).

Safe Church
Although only wardens and those working regularly with children are required to take the Safe Church training, all are encouraged to do so. The schedule for upcoming trainings is:
9/10/2016        St. James Church, Keene        9am – noon
10/6/2016        Grace Church – Manchester   6pm – 9pm

There is a whole slew of us who are due for retraining in 2016.  I’ll be planning on going to Grace Church.  Let’s form a car pool!  Definitely contact Marianne Mitchell (890-3143), our Safe Church Officer, who can help you to register and tell you how to view the required videos which must be done before taking the course!

Transitions:  We welcome Amanda and Mike Fraser and their son Matthew who was baptized August 21. Congratulations to Victoria McConnell who married Jon O’Rourke August 28.

PARISH PRAYER LIST (please let the office know of deletions and additions)
Flora Meyer, Catherine Meehan, Karen Crossland, Donna Conrad, Bea Moore, Jean Lynch, Carlene McKinnon, Elaine Schwager, Lynn Romano, Gary Schulte, Marsha Rothel, Charles Smith, Vincent Gallucci, Katrina LeBel, Jean Gregorie Fontaine, Jim Saucier, David Clark, Jeff and Deb Clark, Morgan Decker, Kim Dippo, Ed Brinkman, Norman & Mona Soucy, Rick McGibbon, Angela Randall, Sean William, Haylee O’Toole, Jimmy Violi, Alan Klenner, Beth Soule, Marissa Hamilton, Swan Read, Theresa Kristen, Janice Josephine Carney, John Watson, Lovey & Roy Pritchard, Kristina Morrison, Marilyn McIntyre, Marnie Sheerin, Elaine Clark, Lori Cairns, and Robyn, Patrice Davis, Ruby Fish, Evelyn Fowler, Margaret Ryan, Lynn Clark, Anita Hill.

Also remember our homebound: Fred Miner, Harold Ford, Carolyn Duranko, Barbara Davis, Arlene Law, Doris and Dick Deputy, Carol Jones, Bruce Clark, and Jane Tennant.

Sr. Warden ~ Lynn Clarke ~ (978) 790-5299 ~
Jr. Warden ~  Doug Moore – (603) 898-7046 ~
Clerk ~ Barbara Scanlon ~ (603) 893-1841 ~
Treasurer ~ Alex Frazier ~ (603) 475-3695 ~

Marlene Pelkey – (978) 686-6054 ~
Diane Martin ~ (603) 893-9278
Bob Habeeb ~ 603-401-8618 ~
Phil Smith ~ 603-898-5249 ~

Irene Curtin (978) 686-6054
Diana Seifert ~ (603) 893-9759
Marlene Pelkey – (978) 686-6054

Judi Habeeb ~ (603) 401-8618  (alternate)


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