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Archive | August, 2014

Newsletter for September/October 2014

Published August 30, 2014

From the Rector This morning I learned that a final settlement is being made between Arthur T. and Arthur S. that will hopefully resolve a corporate family feud that has been raging for decades, and most importantly, get people back to work, and reopen stores that for some communities left them with few alternative places to get affordable groceries. But I think this story is more than about a chain of local grocery stores. It is about how people want to be more than cogs in a machine where they work. They want to be employees that are valued as […]

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Vestry Meeting Minutes – May 2014

Published August 16, 2014

St. David’s Episcopal Church Vestry Meeting Minutes May 19, 2014 Attendance: The Rev. Carolyn Stevenson, Lynn Clarke (Sr. Warden), Kevin Ray (Jr. Warden), David Niemeyer (Clerk), Alex Frazier (Treasurer), Carol Stiver, Carlene MacDougall, Barbara Sager, Kevin Mitchell, Phil Smith and Barbara Scanlon. Reflection: Carolyn read from Acts 2 regarding the early years of the Christian Church, and asked: Organism or Organization? Prayers were also offered for family, friends in need. Meeting Minutes: The Minutes from the April 21, 2014 Vestry meeting were reviewed and accepted with one minor correction. Financial Report: Alex Frazier presented the Balance Sheet (as of April […]

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